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Dental Fears

Dental Fears

I visited my dentist this morning to get my broken crown replaced. Sitting in the chair the dentist suggested he numb the area for me. Instinctively I asked him whether this was necessary so we agreed to see how it went. I am pleased to say that it wasn’t necessary, and I felt comfortable throughout the procedure.

You may be thinking: “well, there is nothing unique about that”! Fair enough. But following some bad dental experiences in my childhood, I had a severe dental phobia. Remembering back as a child, I can remember shuddering whenever I passed a dental surgery, and once, when I had no choice but to attend, I gagged and my throat tightened up. Needless to say that from then on, I refused to access dental treatment until I trained as a hypnotherapist and was able to deal with it.

Nowadays, when I have an appointment booked with the dentist, I remain as calm and relaxed as when I have a hair cut.

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